Christmas is upon us! Sign up to volunteer for Chrismas Tree Sales; we need you!!


After volunteering, get your Christmas shopping done at our new online store:

Spirit Wear Store

They have everything! Cute PJ's, sweatshirts, hats, basketball duffle bags! Check out all the new merchandise.

Middle School Exams...they are coming! Your student will be treated to a healthy snack and a small sweet treat, courtesy of the HSA.

You can add your own Personal Message with an Exam O'Gram!

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FIT FEST UPDATE:  The HSA proudly presented JDRF with a check from our Fit Fest event at the Wednesday Assembly this week.  What a way to kick off National Diabetes Awareness month!  The organization was very appreciative of all your help in raising $2385 for them, see picture below.  If you would like to donate directly to JDRF at anytime, please visit the link they set up for our school: http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/coksm

Do you want to have FUN and make a few NEW friends?  Being an active part of our COK-SM community allows parents to be CONNECTED to their students, the teachers & staff, and other parents.  The HSA is committed to helping enhance those relationships by inviting parents, students and staff to be INVOLVED in HSA meetings, social events, and fundraisers.

GET CONNECTED!  CLICK HERE for the new online volunteer form and find out all the ways you can make a difference!

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