Project Descriptions

4KSe Hand Painted Rocking Chair and Treasure Chest
 A beautiful hand painted rocking chair and a treasure chest with books in it, created by Mrs. Seller's helping hands.
4K Smith Handmade Nativity Set
 Celebrate the spirit of Christmas every year with a beautiful handmade nativity set.
4K Kraft "Front Porch Package"
 Summer breezes are meant to be enjoyed - this porch swing complete with hand painted pillows and a throw blanket has everything you need to hang out & relax.  Includes a basket filled with wine, glasses and other goodies.
5K McDonald " Coat/Bag Rack"
 Antiqued board with dragonfly hooks creating a coat/bag rack.  Each child painted a flower on it as well to go along with our theme of Knowledge.  “Knowledge is like a garden.  If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.”  This beautiful piece is waiting to be used by your household's coats & bags!
5K Bean "Toolbox - Parent Made"
 Not your average toolbox!  A smarter toolbox made by one of our own talented parents loaded with education tools including a Kindle Fire, handmade "tree of knowledge" pillows, $150 amazon gift cards, $50 target gift card, $25 American express gift card
5K Gerald "Hand painted Chairs + Table"
 Hand-made sturdy wood children's table, decorated with a peace sign made from the handprints of Mrs .Gerald's Kindergarten class.  Along with the table, are 4 hand-painted oak chairs, each with an different inspirational message sure to encourage kids to create, build and explore.  A perfect addition to any playroom! 
1S Stepping Stones
 Through the garden gate - Mrs. Shoemaker's class presents monogrammed stepping stones that will surely brighten any gardent large or small.
1C Puzzle Frames
 Remember forever your child's first grade class with these photographs interweaved in a handpainted puzzle frame.  Priceless!
1D Chess Set & Game Table
 The ulitmate thinking game of chess is certain to become a quick favorite in your home with these adorable chess pieces hand-painted by the students in Mrs. Davey's class. The Crusaders can battle the Bishops on this beautiful mahogany 4-in-1 game table built by a student's grandfather. Play with the students' hand-made checkers and backgammon pieces, or flip the top to use as an ordinary side table. Ingenius!
2R Backyard Cornhole Game
 Skillfully crafted by one of our parents. Expect hours of backyard fun playing this cornhole game.  The SC flag motif created by the many helping hands in Mrs. Rowland's class.
2T Family Communication Package
 Busy schedules have turned dinner time into more than just a meal - it's sometimes the only opportunity to communicate with our family. This package will provide all the things you need to make the most out of dinnertime: a platter featuring student fingerprints, Table Talk cards to spur conversation, five frozen meals by resident chef Hailey Pearson, and a Menu/Family Communications board.
2F Chairs & Desks
 Reading, Writing & Arthimetic - what better spot to study those spelling words, mad minute math homework, and learning about our Catholic faith than sitting on these 2 small Chairs and Desks painted by the children with a beachy theme.
3C Pablo Picasso styled Good/Bad Faces
 Mrs Crull's third grade class has defined "Principled" through good/bad faces created in the style of Pablo Picasso. The main collage is the collaboration of the entire class, Mrs Crull and Father Babbick framed to hang stylishly in your home or office.
3R String of Lights
 "This Little Light of Mine I'm Going to Let it Shine".  Enjoy the beauty of twinkling hemp styled lights as well as one fixed pendant for your back porch, patio or any special outdoor spot!
3C Handpainted Stools
 "Let's sit a spell" on these handpainted beach and patriotic themed stools in red, white and blue! 
4W Family Heritage Wall Art
 "It Takes a Village" - and this 3 x 3 foot unique Wall Art from Ms. Wilkins students' reminds us of the importance of our family heritage. 
4T "Open Minded" Bookshelf
 "It's a Small World After All"  4Tawes' WORLD BOOKSHELF emphasizes Acceptance of All Cultures by depicting 24 flags from all around the World.  The children's Hand Prints reminds us that "Our Children Are the Future of our Wonderful World!"  The lucky winner will have a colorful bookshelf and a lifelong memory that our children are our future so we should teach them well and let them lead the way!"
4S Abstract Fish-Themed Quilt
 Mrs. Snyder's 4th grade class has created an abstract, fish-themed quilt for auction.  Our "open-minded" project centers around the water and the fishing culture and history of our coastal surroundings.  Aquas, blues and greens combine with the children's rendering of fish to make this a one of kind quilt. 
5R Handcrafted Caring Cross
 “This lovely handmade wall-hanging cross was woodburned by the students in Mrs. Russell’s 5th grade class with words related to the CARING theme. It was blessed and signed by Bishop Gugliemone of Charleston and comes with a beautiful poem collection completed by the students.”  
5Z Care-actor Cups 'Care-actor Cups' modeled after derby mint Julep cups...made by the students with love and care.  Painted mason jars with the students initials, set inside with a battery operated tea light which makes them 'glow' (just like their sweet, caring hearts).
5L Mandarin Orange Tree & Seashell
 Mrs. Longshore's class has been caring for and nurturing a young sapling tree in their classroom. Watering, fertilizing, and creating this gorgeous seashell mosaic pot for it, too. The fruit of their labor will provide one lucky winner with a lifetime supply of deliciously sweet "Gold Nugget" oranges.  
6B Handpainted Dog Bed
This beautiful, handpainted dog bed was made by Mrs. bastilda's 6th grade class!  Take it home alone or with a real live puppy!  The choice is yours!
6D 2Person/3 Hr. PaddleBoard Lesson
  2 person, 3 hour paddle board lesson and tour from Charleston Watersports Outfitters complete with the book If you want to walk on Water,  you have to get out of the Boat.
6H Wooden Storage Cubes
 The IB adjective "Risk Taker" is reflected in these Wooden Storage Cubes to be used in a bedroom, laundry room, or wherever you need extra space!  Storage cubes are adorned with each student's dream for their future defining their role as a risk taker.
7P Joggling board
 Loving the Lowcountry?  Own a piece of Lowcountry history with this Charleston joggling board.  It's sure to become a family heirloom so don't miss out on having a piece of South Carolina history on your porch.  Signed on bottom by all the students in the class.
7F Decoupaged "Friendship Bench"
 "Balance is the Key to Happiness"  7Foster's BALANCE BENCH contains a visual representation from each child on how they stay balanced and happy in their lives.  The three sections under the bench will have three baskets filled with giftcards and gifts that will allow the lucky winner to enjoy their life even more and attempt to stay balanced in three ways:  physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We believe it is a "Key-per" for everyone - not just our Homeroom!
7M Balance Board
 Are you balanced?  This Balance Board is fun and challenging to stand on and try to balance yourself without falling.  Improve your balance and improve your game - whether it be wake boarding, skiing or just having fun. This cool project is signed by all the students in 7M class.
8B Bird Bath
 "Splish, Splash, I Was Taking a Bath".  Give your backyard feathered friends a cool refreshing spot to splash around.  Each student contributed custom made tiles to make this a backyard showpiece!
8T Mirror with Shelled Frame
 "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall".  Take a moment and reflect in this beautiful large hanging Mirror with intricate Shelled Frame! 
8S Basket of Serenity
 Mother's Day is around the corner!  Pamper yourself for months with this basket filled with all the tender loving care you deserve!