Notes of Gratitude

The HSA receives a multitude of notes, email and texts expressing gratitude from teachers and faculty and for all of the time, energy and funding put forth by our generous COKSM families. Thank you, parents, for supporting COK-SM through the HSA! Here are a  few notes of gratitude for you to enjoy...
Thank you for all of your time and energy you give to our school. We are a special place because of Moms and Dads like you! 
- Susan Splendido, School Principal
Thank you so much for the generous gift. And, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication for the school. Please know it does not go unnoticed. We are a great school because of you! 
- Aimee Bischoff, 7th Grade Teacher
Thank y'all so much for the end of year gift AND the awesome makeover for the lounge!! So excited to never have to sit on that gross red couch again!!  Thank you for everything you do for us all year, especially over these last couple of months.  Hope you are all doing well and have a great summer!
- Kerry Leach
In a time where getting anything completed is a challenge, y'all really went out of your way to make us feel seen, appreciated, and loved this week. I cannot begin to imagine how much time, effort, and coordination it took to deliver signs to all of our houses. But when I came back from the beach on Sunday night to see that sweet sign in my heart, it made my heart full. Then, we got the amazing news that a card and monetary gift is waiting for us at school. I haven't picked mine up yet, but can't wait to have a little "me money" when our stores open back up... what a treat! And just when I thought this week couldn't get any better, we get an email about the teacher lounge makeover!?! What a fantastic idea! Y'all are some creative geniuses with the biggest hearts and our staff and school are soooo lucky to have you. Thank you for all YOU do to keep us motivated and let us know you appreciate our work. We love your kids and we so appreciate you.
- Emily Labelle
I want to thank you for the wonderful suprise in my lawn!  The sign was very thoughtful and made my day a lot brighter We appreciate everything you do to support us at school. Again, thank you and stay safe! 

Thank you and the HSA for the thoughtful gestures during TAW. Walking out to my yard sign was such a sweet surprise! And the monetary gift is always so very appreciated. I'm very excited to see the remodeled teachers lounge! Thank you for all you've done for our school. Wishing you a nice summer. - Catherine Marret

I've been a part of the COK-SM family for 20 years and the HSA has always been an amazing group of thoughtful, hardworking parents. The HSA has never let me down. Y'all always make the teachers feel loved and appreciated. Thans for all the luncheons, breakfast treats and gifts and the new & improved lounge. Y'all do amazing things! Thanks for all of it! - Lori Rowland, 2nd Grade Teacher

I want to thank you for the luncheon on Friday. It was a treat and the food was delicious. Thanks too for the generous bonus which is greatly appreciated. I wish you all the and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all that you do for COK-SM!
 - Margaret Sellers, 4K Teacher
Thanks so much for the delicious holiday lunch! The food was so good and it was nice to eat outside of the classroom. Thank you for the most generous gift as well! You guys rock and it is very appreciated. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
- Kerry Leach, 5K Teacher
Thank you for another outstanding luncheon. I left feeling spoiled and stuffed. :) Your generous gift is also greatly appreciated. You guys rock!
- Elizabeth Wain, Librarian
Thank you for the delicious luncehon and generous Christmas card! We are so blessed to have your support! Have a wonderful holidau season and enjoy this time with the ones you love.
- Ricki Douglas, 4K Teacher
Thanks so much for your generous gift. You all are so good to me!
- Kate Byrne, School Nurse
Thank you for the great lunch and generous Christmas gift. Thank you for all of your kindness and hardwork!
- Stacy Crosby, School Accountant
A huge thanks to the HSA for the generous Christmas gift. I especially love a gift that gives twice the pleasure - receiving it and spending it! The luncheon was delicious. Many thanks for all you do to make COKSM the great school that it is. Your time and energy is very much appreciated! 
- Ursula Ferguson, 1st Grade Teacher
Thank you so much for the delicious lunch you provided and for the generous holiday gift! You are so good to us and we appreicate you more than you know!
- Katie Gorospe, 5K Teacher
Thank you for all you do for COKSM on a regular basis, but,especially thank you for always having a smile on your faces when you come into the office! - Kathleen Cornely, Front Office
Thank you so much for the delicious holiday luncheon. The food is always yummy and decorations are always so creative and festive! Thank you for the generous gift - I can't wait to spend it on a special treat for myself. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season. 
- Kimberly Giles, Librarian
I appreciate all you do for us as teachers. Thank you for the very generous gift of money, too! It is so sweet that you treat us so well. I hope your holidays are happy and fulfilling! - Janet McDonald,  1st Grade Teacher
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful Christmas luncheon and gift! The food was delicious and every detail y'all put into making it so nice truly show your appreciation and support for us teachers. I also am so thankful for the Christmas money! Y'all are truly a blessing!
- Cheri Ruocco, 3rd Grade Teacher
Thank you so much for the holiday bonus and delicious luncheon. It is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support throughout the school year! - Beth Fisher, 4K Teacher
Thank you so much for the beautiful card and generous gift. Very much appreciated! 
- Peggy Roma, Bookkeeping