Cake Booth

Everyone wants to win the fancy chocolate cake... so we are only accepting homemade cakes.  It is a CAKE booth after all!

This Booth relies on donated items from YOU in order to be a success!  We need hundreds of cakes to be donated….Only HOMEMADE items or monetary donations can be accepted!

You will earn  20 TAG DAY points for every cake! Monetary donations are also accepted in advance and are used to buy fancy store-made cakes.  You can send in $20 for 20 points (maximum of $100 for 100 points) in an envelope marked CAKE BOOTH to the school office. 

Baked goods will be collected on Friday before the bazaar.  You can also bring your items directly to the "cake cottage" on bazaar day, prior to 11:00am only

Baked goods can be dropped off on in the Black Box Theatre on Friday, Oct 19th from 8:00 am,-1:00 pm. Please label all baked goods or monetary donations clearly with your child’s name and homeroom in order to receive correct Tag Day credit.  Please, also identify your baked good on the label.  Find and print the form under the Bazaar Forms tab.

Chocolate cakes are most popular and themed novelty cakes make great special raffles!  Thanks, in advance, for you support!