Mystery Bags

The Mystery Bag Booth has been one of the most popular among our children thanks to the many wonderful people who put a lot of hard work and thought into the bags.  These Mystery Bags have truly delighted the students every year.  The idea of the "bag" is to hide a nice surprise for the children, so it should have some pizzazz.  To continue to make this booth a big attraction, let us clarify what we are looking for in these bags.

A mystery bag IS:

A colorful, fun bag which looks enticing

Filled with candies, trinkets or toys

Marked for boy or girl or either

Marked for the appropriate age

A mystery bag is NOT:

A brown paper bag

Filled with chocolate (it melts!)

A used Happy Meal toy or any used toy

     One or two small items

Believe it or not, we do have many middle schoolers who try their luck at the Mystery Bag booth.  We would appreciate more bags for the older children this year. Ideas might include $5 gift certificates; fast food “cash”; nail polish; Clemson/Carolina small merchandise- stickers, tattoos, keychains; other sports stuff like trading cards, games, jewelry.  

Please remember: Each Mystery Bag is a PRIZE, and as such, should be special and bring smiles to the winner.  If you choose to make Mystery Bags in order to earn your Tag Day, please take the time and effort to go the extra mile to make these bags FUN.  We appreciate your support and thank you!!