Hello there!  The HSA welcomes you to our Crusader Family! 

We are here for you! As COKSM's parent-run organization, nurturing a sense of fellowship and community is of utmost importance to the HSA. New Crusader families should receive a personal greeting from our Welcome Committee in the coming weeks. Also, please feel free to contact cokhsa@gmail.com. We are happy to help provide guidance or connect you with someone who can.  
Dear Newly Enrolled Families and/or Students,
We proudly welcome you to our Crusader Family! Our parent organization is unique in that there is no registration fee and parents are automatically considered members upon enrollment to COK-SM School. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the life of the school in a way that fits their means, interests and availability. We are fortunate to have a multitude of ways to get involved through fundraisers, fellowship builders and daily in-school volunteer programs.  Click on the GET INVOLVED tab and look for our HSA Newsletters for updates on how you can make a positive impact!    
Your involvement enables us to fulfill our mission to: 

·         enrich a strong working relationship among our students, parents, teachers and administration

·         foster a true sense of fellowship & building block to strengthen our Catholic faith

·         provide financial support towards enhancing the educational curriculum, technological advancements and campus facilities and aid in investing in projects focused on accomplishing our vision of continually excelling at COKSM School

·         fund annual bonuses and gifts for teachers and faculty

·         engage our entire Crusader community!


Above everything else, let us come together as faithful examples to our children. 

Raising Arrows (Psalm 127:4).