2017-18 Welcome Committee

The COK-SM HSA Welcome Committee teams with the Admissions Dept. to assist new families as they transition to our school.  Our grade level representatives are a valuable resource to our new parents, communicating back to school info and answering any questions.  The Welcome Committee also hosts a New Family Social before school begins, so that new students have an opportunity to meet other students before classes resume.  We hope all our new families feel right at home on the first day of school.

Pre-K                Heather Rhoads  (heather.h.rhoads@gmail.com)

Kindergarten    Nicole Schleier  (nvschleier@gmail.com)

1st Grade          Karen Teffeau  (karen@teffeau.com)

2nd Grade         Stacey McLoughlin  (stacey.mcloughlin@gmail.com)

3rd Grade          Ashley Donato  (ashdonato@gmail.com)

4th Grade          Catherine Atkinson  (catwoolley@hotmail.com)

5th Grade          Amy Seymour  (scubasteve71@hotmail.com)

6th Grade         An Kelly  (atkgeneral@gmail.com)

7th Grade         Michelle O’Donnel  (modonnelz@msn.com)

8th Grade         Nancy Whelan  (ntwhelan@yahoo.com)